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In the times of pre-packaged, ‘heat and eat’ food products and food takeaway stalls, it is hard for one to know if we are getting what we want to eat or not? To facilitate the consumers with genuine information regarding the food served by these food business operators, FSAI ( has set out and is implementing across all food sectors certain food safety and allergen management regulations, which these food business operators ought to comply.  Adherence to these regulations includes various facets such as allergen management programs apart from labeling of food components such as calories, proteins, carbohydrates, al, sugars etc.

A major emphasis has been laid upon non pre-packaged food products that is, for food items that are sold loosely in the market, where the food supplier needs to communicate in writing pre-requisite information needed before it is sold.

Audits organized by FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) through its enforcing authorities have revealed that there have been such cases where the recently introduced regulations have not been adhered to.  How do you ensure that the food you sell are in compliance with the set out regulations ?  has developed a  software that when used, complies all the information related to that food item that is, the ingredients used to prepare , allergens, calories and other nutrition information and is provided at the point of sale to the consumer.

This  software which can be used as stand alone or can be integrated with a Point Of Sale system in  comes with various features. It is has user-friendly interface, where you just need to add the ingredient information and it will automatically generate all the food labelling related information for you.   It is the best, safest, cheaper means to have information on food you are consuming/ selling.

As a consumer, you are empowered by such regulations, you have the right to know what you food contains. A recent incident with the Dublin based stylist, Ingrin Hoey where her 6 year daughter was given pre-heated chips and a pie of some sort by a hospital while she was recovering. No green vegetable was given to the patient for proper nourishment that is necessary for fast recovery.  The stylist, called the meal provided by the hospital to be “disgraceful” when she tweeted a picture of the meal, and made this issue go viral on the social media.

Of course, this calls for a major action on the issue, especially in the cases of hospitals and child-care centers, where food safety is a must and precautions to ensure this should be taken and maintained.

iviand is a solution to this issue of food information and labelling not only for food business operators but also for the consumers. Take a look at the options and variety of facilities provided by us on the homepage of this website. ( )

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