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Iviand provides a cost effective and practical nutrition analysis tools for customers across the globe. Compliance of European legislative requirements on allergens, calories, nutritional information, QUID declaration, labelling now simplified by this tool.

Passionate about what we do to ensure so that our customers have a great experience using our products. We innovate to make life easier for food businesses to focus on their core activity of food production and service.

This is best suited for food retail businesses, Institutional, mobile catering, healthcare, nutrition professionals and food manufacturers. Being user friendly and self explanatory and more captivating once being used definitely bridges the demand for expertise in software development with technological advancement in food business management.

Iviand endeavours to provide best in class products for ease of food service, food safety and local compliance needs with a global perspective.

This is the end result of amalgamation of food professionals, food safety professionals, and nutrition and healthcare professionals with software technology expertise resulting in one great product.

Our associates have years of expertise in the areas of food service management, food technology, food safety management systems, nutrition and dietetics, software development and information technology.

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