Declaring allergens in your contract catering business.

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Contract caterers who operate within fixed locations where they can declare food allergens in a manner similar to restaurants. For functions occurring off-site, such as at a business premises or in a private home, caterers can provide the written allergen declarations at the location through the food allergen management system and software developed by iviand.


The requirement for a written allergen declaration is there in such small scale food services are provided, like sandwiches, scones or biscuits for meetings or other gatherings, e.g. a stand-alone sign adjacent to the platter of mixed sandwiches would suffice to detail the individual allergens in the various sandwich types. The same scheme could apply for individual platters of scones, pastries and croissants. However, where a mixed plate of smaller snack foods such as biscuits is provided, the written allergen declaration can relate to the food as a whole on the plate rather than to individual biscuit types.


A caterer that delivers prepared food to a customer but has no other involvement, such as further preparation or serving the food, must provide the written allergen information to the purchaser. If the purchaser is a private individual and not a registered food business, it is up to them to then pass that information on to people consuming the food if they wish. However, if the caterer is providing a service for a gathering or function and is preparing and serving the food at a function or meeting, it is the caterer’s obligation to ensure written allergen information is provided for the people consuming the food.


The key feature of food allergen management software by iviand is its splendid ability to help you label and declares food allergens in your food products.  This software can be used at both online and offline levels. The database can be updated whenever you or they have access to internet. You can access information through this software on your computer, laptop or tablet. It’s easy, fast, convenient and on the go.  All you need to do is, enter the food recipe or its ingredients and the software will generate all the allergen, calorie, nutrients, and other food related information to you.  The software is specially designed to deliver you with precise and reliable details along with an easy to use interface. You can enter the recipe and the ingredients of the food that you are providing as the caterers, and this software helps you to declare details of food allergens, nutrients and components present in the prepared catered food.

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