Ensuring food allergen information is available to your customers.

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Business keeps changing and evolving according to the industry demands and regulations. Something like this has happened with food industry, when new regulations were declared for provision of food allergen information in food products sold lose. This had a huge impact on non pre-packed food products, that is labeling of food allergens on food products that are prepared/ cooked and sold loose in the market.

As a food operator of non pre-packed food products, you have to declare food allergens present in your final product. How do you get to know the exact details that are necessary for allergen labeling on your food product?

Iviand.com is the solution to this. It has developed food allergen management software, which provides you with allergens in your food product when recipe created online. All you need to do is, to enter the ingredients along with its quantity added in the process of food making.

The system will automatically calculate the allergens, calories and nutrient information in your food product per portion or per 100 gms.

There is no need to have constant internet connectivity for regular updates. You can update database and information in your system whenever you can or you want to.

This software enables you print tent card , labels etc  to put up allergen details in the food product nearby the food product to inform its consumers about its allergen, calories and nutritional contents that may be of their concern. This information can also be passed on by putting up an information board near the area where the food is displayed.

Through this software, you can provide your customers with food allergen information by declaring it at the time of billing. The bill or invoice can be generated through this software that will inform your customers about the food allergen information that they have bought. In this way, it assures that your customer was informed and told about the allergens in your food product.

Iviand.com does not limit itself just to this food allergen management software. It provides you with latest updated allergen database which will keep on updating in your system as you update it. Iviand.com provides you with services that will help you maintain this software and hence also your food operating business easily.

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