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As a sportsperson you do not only require to focus on your physical and mental fitness training, but also have to focus on you dietary intake according to your nutritional requirements to keep yourself healthy and performing better and better.  Certain studies by nutritional analysts suggest that more athletes choose real food instead of synthetic food or health drinks.  iviand provides you with food allergen management, fitness nutrition software that allows you to know what you are consuming and in what quantity in terms of macro and micro nutrients. This system provides you with the details of the nutritional, caloric values of the food that you consume and aids you to make a nutritional plan. This is a perfect solution for an athlete to manage calories and nutrient information of food consumed by him/her. It also helps him/ her to get the information on recommended daily allowance for the food he/she intakes.

All you have to do is to enter the food recipe or its ingredients and the software will generate all the allergen, calorie, nutrients, and other food related information to you.  The software is specially designed to deliver you with precise and reliable details along with an easy to use interface. You can enter thousands of recipes and ingredients, and you will get all the aid, advice and results that will help you manage your diet intake according to your recommended daily allowances and your bodily nutrient requirements.

This software can be used at both online and offline levels. The database can be updated whenever you have access to internet. You can access information through this software on your computer, laptop or tablet. It’s easy, fast, convenient and on the go.  It gives you a head start information about the foods that you intake. It is an endless effort and endeavors to keep you fit and healthy and keeps in tune with your athletic fitness schedule and henceforth, also in your athletic goals and career. A sport body must now consider having this software for their clients or sports personnel.Free trial now at

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