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A well planned nutritious diet can work wonders for an individual’s overall personality and health.  Good nutrition is of utmost importance and when it comes to athletes, it becomes crucial.

An athlete should keep in mind that their hobby/ profession do not allow them to eat, whatever they want to. Consumption of junk food, outside food or synthetic supplements within limits is acceptable, but its excess consumption without specified nutrient information can create havoc on their health.

It is necessary for an athlete to manage calories to achieve optimal body weight and stick to recommended daily allowance (RDA) of nutrients and food prescribed by nutritional analysts to keep up to the demand s of training and exercise.

As they say health is wealth and for athletes who are required to be involved in high volt physical tasks, wholesome diet with emphasis on real food is the key to short and long term fitness.

The basic diet of an athlete should be a balanced mixture of minerals, calories, vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. How can you know how much of what you have consumed? You can know what a rich home cooked fresh food contains by putting the list of ingredients and recipe in iviand food allergen management system. Iviand has developed software that automatically identifies the allergens on a food ingredient used in a recipe.  It collates the allergen data in various ingredients used in the creation of a recipe. This software can be customised to be incorporated with your fitness training program.

Instead of making you spend too much time in identifying and declaring allergen information or calculating calories and nutrients, this software helps you save huge time and effort at your end to calculate the amount of healthy things you consume. This is cloud based system and this can be sync with various user systems / tab system within an operational environment. Tab based software does not need to be online always and only need to be sync at intervals as decided in advance.

Iviand ensures that information for the non pre-packed food items cooked gives all the nutrient related information for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The food allergen labeling and management system offered by, also equips you well to take better care of your health according to recommended daily allowances (RDA). It will give you detailed information of the nutrients and carbohydrates that the athlete has consumed. It will enable you to keep a track of the nutritional consumption made by you and also will help you maintain a balance of nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates to ensure a development in your physical and psychological condition through better diet.

This software provides you with a win – win prospect for your health/ fitness care, that will help you customize your diet according to the dietary requirements and suggested requirements.

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