Your Point of Sale (POS) is more than just a point of Sale – Can even manage your calories and allergen with comprehensive nutrition management.

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Gone are the days of businesses investing on that big machine just to do that cash and credit transactions. With the advance of android and iPad, your POS has become an anywhere any time hand held / mobile solution that can process the latest mode of payment system available in the ever changing and advancing payment technologies.

Days are not far the day when you have all your food / retail business operations are able to be manged from your little android device with individual purpose built apps that could be downloaded for a minimal subscription or pre-installed for free.

Gone are the days when HR department will be in place for a small organisation to process salary and HR functions. An HR app could facilitate recruitment, enrolling downloading all necessary documents to be signed for various tax/ other functions, induction, initial trainings etc. Once linked to the bank and duty roster and actual timings worked obtained from the digital/electronic clock cards and tallying with the leave management, salary can be processed easily considering all deductions/tax etc.…. and then the wage slip being emailed to the employee who will access it with a password.
The above is an example of one area which will be manged from the app

Following apps will render functions I the following areas making retail/ food business management much easier and cost effective this bringing in better viability.
1. Purchase and store management
2. Production / order management
3. HACCP and food safety
4. Allergen, calorie, and nutrition management
5. Costing, analysis, future kitchen production plan
6. Table management and reservation
7. Customer paging
8. Loyalty plan management
9. Accounting…
Imagine all this for a meagre monthly subscription and any food/ retail business will have good days ahead…
Iviand is available for download on certain android POS systems. innovates in food / retail automation and technology support.

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