Display of allergens on foods sold lose ? It is simpler than ever before.

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It has been quite a while since the regulation on food allergen display and communication is in force. All the restaurants, caterers, fast food joints, bakeries and other places where non pre-packed food products were sold are expected to declare information on allergens present in the food. This declaration needs to be done in writing at some point during the sale process.

Iviand nutrition management software  can be integrated to a point of sale or can be used independently which will enable the food business operator to provide  customers with all the information that he needs to be  declared according to the latest regulations in place as part of Food Information Act.  The software is useful for food allergen and calorie management, which is easy to understand and most importantly, it aids you in your business to provide food allergen information for your food products easily.

This software can be used at both online and offline levels. The database can be updated whenever you have access to internet. You can access information through this software on your computer, laptop or tablet. It’s easy, fast, convenient and on the go.  All you need to do is, enter the food recipe or its ingredients and the software will generate all the allergen, calorie, nutrients, and other food related information.  The software is specially designed to deliver you with precise and reliable details along with an easy to use interface. You can enter any number of recipes and ingredients, and you will be able to generate food cost, Recommended Retail Price (RRP) etc. that will help you manage your pricing and costing to make sure you that products are priced optimally.

Software also comes with labeling tool that will aid in printing labels with QUID, Sale Price, and Use by date, allergens, calories and required nutritional information apart from business details and logo. Businesses can create tents cards and daily/ meal menus. These menus can be printed, displayed on screens any size as per your business needs. Some businesses prefer a printed sheet containing details of each recipe; this can be made as file for customer access.

An incorporated menu planning tool will allow you to generate and manage menus for weeks, months and years. This will aid you to streamline your purchases as a forecast can be made as per production plan and supply frequency.

This is cost effective and tailor made to suit individual business thus breaking myth that putting up allergens on menus are very expensive.

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