Fully Comprehensive Allergen,Calorie and Nutrition
Management System
  •  Huge ingredients Database with
    micro nutrients information
  • Diet management for health
  • Weekly, monthly, annual
    menu planner
  • Nutrition statement
  • Micro nutrients informtaiton
  • 256 SSL Security
  • Clound solution, 24/7 access
  • Acess anywhere, any device
  • Add Custom Ingredients to your own database
  • Selling Price Recommendation
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Unlimited Product Updates
  • Manage Nutrition Analysis in your premise
  • One click Quid Generation
  • Ingredient Declaration
  • Traffic Light Calculator
  • Add own logo and customise reports
  • Food production software
  • Generate label
  • Cost analysis
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Create Menu Sheet/Tent Cards/Product Data Sheet
  • Multi Sites Management, Collaborate Users

Why Choose iviand

  • Create your recipes once and for all online

    Amend ingredients or quantity at ease when you want without any hassle. Replace ingredients to arrive at required calories

  • No more reading the labels to record allergens present, our database does it all for you.

    Change the recipe online if you want to allergen control your menu. Replace ingredients to suit your customer allergen requirements

  • Calorie details of each ingredient captured while you make recipe online.

    Adjust ingredient input quantity or replace ingredient to match your customer requirements. Nutrient info breakdown into carbohydrates, protein, fats, salt, sodium etc

  • Know your nutrient breakdown to Carbohydrates, Sugars, Fibre, Fat , Saturated fat, Protein, Salt and sodium.

    Diet management for healthcare allows you to track down micronutrient information where available. Manage your nutrient intake with RDI guidelines or meal plan in healthcare module.

  • Plan your cyclic menu even annually.

    Drag and drop your recipe to the menu planner tool. Copy any past periodic menu and amend if required


Nutrition professionals
Online rcipe management and nutrition analysis
Manage clients form anywhere, anytime, any device
256 ssl security to ensure secure data and data protection
Access to client info aparticipating healthcare facilities
Nutrion and hydration intake management
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Food service Industry
Automatic allergen detection
Calorie calculation and display
Create menu cards, Catering cards
Weekly/ Monthly Menu Planner
Cost Analysis
Recommends Selling Price
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Health care
Define user access based on user type
Calculate calorie requirement
Monitor and record calorie intake.
Vast database of ingredients.
Remote monitoring by Nutritionist
Paperless food ordering
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Food Manufacturers
Calorie and Nutrition
Allergen Bolding
QUID Declaration
Nutrition Label Creation
Traffic Light Display
Cost Management of products
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